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Source Academy

for School of Computing NUS

The Source Academy is a prestigious inter-galactic educational institute nestled deep within the Kepler-62 system. Here, students learn to harness the invisible power of the Source, a hidden energy that allows one to manipulate their surroundings.

We created an immersive virtual world with elements parallel to the students' life in the university. Students play as Cadets in the Source Academy headed by two GrandMasters (their professors) and use the Source (writing code) to crack top-secret transmissions, save cute furry aliens from extinction and face down deadly enemies for the good of the galaxy.

Places & Characters

Throughout the story, players spend the most amount of time on the Source Academy ship, unlocking the secrets of the Source and interacting with friends, Grandmasters and a diverse crew of Stewards who oversee the ship's operations.


As the story develops, new exciting locations become available for students to explore, culminating in a final showdown on the villain's ship - the Death Cube.

Character Line Up
Navigator "Grouch"
Grandmaster Lok Kim
Grandmaster Hartin Menz
Chieftain Clef
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