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I wear multiple hats

I draw, observe people, ask questions and write. I’m currently in charge of public communications, brand strategy and content creation at I'm also a Design Researcher at the NUS Centre for Ageing Research in the Environment (CARE), where I work with a team of architects and healthcare researchers to redefine future aged care in Singapore.

While varied, most of my work involve crafting narratives.

Why I do what I do

Narratives shape the way we live - from the socio-cultural narratives that shape societies, to the personal narratives that shape our lives. Perhaps we can live better lives if we consciously choose to create better narratives for ourselves, both individually and as a society.

So, what do you want to put out in the world?

Whether it’s your brand, personal story, social message or more, I can work with you to communicate your unique value to your audience through my written and visual works.

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